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Physiotherapy For Tennis Elbow

What Is a Tennis Elbow? 

Lateral Epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, is a frequent repetitive stress injury that affects people who repeatedly lift and straighten their wrist and elbow. Small tears in the tendons of the forearm muscle occur whenever the condition cannot keep up with the amount of repeated load placed on it. This produces discomfort and tenderness, particularly around the elbow joint.

Although the condition is known as “tennis elbow“, it doesn’t necessarily mean that only tennis players will experience it. The name of the condition comes from the fact that the involved muscle group is used when performing the standard tennis movements of cocking the wrist back and sustaining it while gripping a racquet.

The Symptoms of Tennis Elbow 

Tennis elbow is most commonly linked to certain areas and types of discomfort. You will experience some discomfort near the outside of the elbow. You might experience it being difficult to carry out small tasks like turning a doorknob. Another symptom is that you will have pain when straightening the elbow and wrist.  

At Fitness Canada Physio, our physiotherapists will begin your appointment with a physical examination, during which they will ask you to flex your elbow and wrist in different directions. 

This will help to identify how severe the damage is and how to carefully treat it. The physiotherapist will also ask about your health and exercise history.

Can Physiotherapy Treat Tennis Elbow? 

Yes, physiotherapy can treat your tennis elbow. 

The great news about tennis elbow treatment is that it typically heals on its own. Simply take a break from using your elbow and perform the physio exercises that our physiotherapists demonstrate as they can help you strengthen and stretch the muscles carefully.

To reduce pain and stiffness and promote blood circulation to your arm, our physiotherapist will use manual treatment techniques like massages and manipulation. They will also demonstrate activities you can perform to maintain your arm flexibility and build up the muscles in your forearm.

At Fitness Canada Physio, our physiotherapy sessions will do wonders for you. Our physiotherapists will do a thorough examination to determine the root cause of your elbow pain. You can receive a tailored and organized treatment plan from our professional physiotherapists. 

Visit our website and make an appointment right away to treat your tennis elbow before it’s too late!