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Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

Sport Injuries

Spinal Manipulation Theraphy

TMJ - Jaw Problems

IMS - Dry Needling

Vestibular Rehab/Dizziness /Headaches

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Calgary Physiotherapy


Pain Relief and Rehabilitation | Sport Injuries |
Spinal Manipulation Theraphy | TMJ – Jaw
Problem | IMS | Dry Needling | Vestibular Rehab
| Dizziness | Headaches

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Physiotherapy uses a range of non-invasive
treatment techniques and has applications in almost all disciplines of modern medicine.

Types of Calgary Physiotherapy


General surgery


Plastic and cosmetic surgery

Cardio thoracic




Obstetrics and Gynecology


Pediatrics and Neonatology

Sports medicine

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Irrespective of their ailments, anyone who wants to optimize their mobility and function will benefit from
proper Calgary physiotherapy treatment designed by a qualified physiotherapist. At Fitness Canada Physio and Massage Centre,
our physiotherapist utilizes modern physio tools along with the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Acupuncture,
in which we have special training from India and Canada. The sessions take many holistic approaches towards any ailments.

Our holistic Physiotherapy approaches

Fitness Canada Physio Back Massage
Joint pain

Joint stiffness

Postural problems

Back and neck pain

Sports injuries

Ligament sprains


Nerve injury


Post-operative problems

Muscle weakness, etc.

Therapeutic Modalities in Physiotherapy

Therapeutic modalities, also known as physical modalities, are used to increase your physiotherapy program to help you regain your normal functioning movements in daily life. We too are using therapeutic modalities more regularly in our daily physio sessions.

Commonly used Therapeutic Modalities in our Physiotherapy sessions

Joint manipulation / mobilization

Acupuncture / Dry needling/IMS

Postural correction / Corrective exercises / Yoga therapy

Massage/Soft tissue release

Electrotherapeutic modalities

Health education and self-care methods

Fitness Canada Physiotherapy