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What You Need To Know About Dry Needling (Physiotherapy)

In order to treat pain and enhance function, a common technique of physiotherapy called dry needling involves inserting tiny, fine needles into the muscles. What you need to know about dry needling and its advantages will be covered in this blog.

What is Dry Needling?

In order to activate particular locations in the muscles, dry needling is a type of physical therapy. When these trigger points are tight or in a spasm, they can be painful and uncomfortable. The trigger point is released and muscle performance is enhanced by the needle insertion.

What Happens During Dry Needling?

Dry needling relieves pain by activating the neurological system and encouraging the production of endorphins, which are naturally occurring substances. Additionally, by increasing blood flow to the injured area, the needle insertion aids in aiding healing and reducing inflammation.

How safe is dry needling?

When carried out by a certified and registered physiotherapist, dry needling is regarded as being safe. The risk of infection is decreased by the thin, disposable needles used in dry needling. But, like with any medical operation, there can be some unintended consequences, like brief soreness or bruising where the needle was inserted. what

What Can I Expect During a Dry Needling Session?

Your physiotherapist will evaluate your condition and locate the trigger points that need to be treated before beginning a dry needling session. The procedure usually only lasts a few seconds and is painless. There can be a momentary soreness, but it should pass fast. The needles will then be taken out, and your physiotherapist will offer any necessary post-treatment care.

In conclusion, dry needling is a secure and efficient physiotherapy technique that can help with pain relief and function enhancement. Talk to your physiotherapist about dry needling and whether it would be appropriate for you if you are in pain or discomfort. You may resume your regular activities and have a healthier, more active lifestyle with the proper care and therapy.

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