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The Amazing Benefits of Pranayama Therapy

Know The Benefits of Pranayama Therapy

Pranayama is considered a breath technique derived from yoga dating back thousands of years. This includes managing your breath through various styles and durations. Pranayama is usually practiced together with yoga. The terms prana and ayama are the origin of the phrase pranayama. While ayama can signify development, lengthening, or rising, prana is the word for breath. According to yogic teachings, pranayama exercises help you gain control over your prana or inner force. These theories focus on enhancing mental health and teaching breath control. Strong pranayama breaths are also thought to aid in the body’s detoxification process.

  • Improves breathing ability. Practicing pranayama exercises can enhance lung function. This involves strengthening the muscles in your respiratory system and enabling you to hold your breath longer. Pranayama is useful for a variety of lung conditions. It could help those recovering from pneumonia and strengthen asthmatic lungs.

  • Promote mindfulness. As with the more popular forms of yoga, pranayama assists in developing awareness. Its mindfulness practice, which focuses on the breath and developing consciousness,  might help you become more adept at living in the present.

  • Releases stress. Pranayama therapy helps people reduce stress with its’ breathing and relaxation techniques. It can effectively adjust the body’s levels of stress-related chemicals. This technique not only relaxes the mind but also noticeably affects how the body reacts to stress.

  • Help in managing psychological illnesses. Pranayama has the ability to help manage conditions such as psoriasis, ulcers, and migraine headaches by bringing the body and mind into peace and balance through breathing.

Supports in quitting smoking. The breathing techniques used in pranayama can be a useful tool for improving lung health and stopping smoking. The controlled breathing and awareness techniques of pranayama can help lessen the desire for cigarettes. This can give people a better and more healthy coping strategy to deal with the urge to smoke.


Pranayama Therapy at Fitness Canada

Fitness Canada Physio delivers a comprehensive service if you find to experience the comfort of Pranayama therapy. Pranayama therapy is a holistic approach to wellness of health that helps to relax and calm both mind and body. The therapists at Fitness Canada conduct these specially designed sessions after carefully considering each client’s individual needs and objectives through a detailed assessment based on Indian Ayurvedic principles. Our knowledgeable therapists at Fitness Canada are pleased to offer assistance and design a personalized plan based on your needs and preferences if you’re seeking advice on how Pranayama therapy might help you.  

Fitness Canada provides Pranayama treatments to improve your entire health and well-being, whether your goals are to relieve stress, manage psychological conditions, or quit smoking.