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Difference between Yoga Therapy and Yoga

What is Yoga?

“Yoga is the practice of quieting your mind.”- Patanjali

Yoga is defined as the use of the breath to connect the mind and the body. Yoga is an approach that encourages health on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Nowadays, yoga is not viewed as a system of religious beliefs.

For people of all ages, yoga has positive effects on their physical and mental health. Yoga can also become a crucial component of your treatment and possibly speed up recovery if you’re battling an illness, recovering from surgery, or dealing with a chronic condition.

Yoga is beneficial since it can help improve your balance and flexibility. It can also help to keep you more relaxed and have you in a brighter mood as well. There are many benefits of yoga as we have mentioned before. 

How is Yoga Therapy Done?

Yoga therapy is the use of yoga techniques to treat physical and mental health issues in an effort to encourage self-care and general well-being. Yoga therapy has become a very popular practice among people and it is often recommended by doctors to their patients as well. 

Yoga therapy combines yoga poses that have been found to have specific curative effects by medical science and tradition with the unique and specific health needs of the client. There are many different yoga postures that can help soothe either back pain or even pain that is in the nervous system of a person. 

Yoga therapy can be used to treat physical conditions and conditions involving mental health too. Your yoga therapist will typically come up with a plan for you to practice daily and according to your needs too. Techniques for breathing, postures, meditation, relaxation techniques, or the encouragement of behavioral changes may be covered in these yoga therapy sessions. 

How is Yoga Different from Yoga Therapy?

In general, yoga is a practice in which the mind and body are cultivated through means of meditation whilst maintaining one’s flexibility and balance. In yoga therapy, only specific yoga practices are used to help and improve a person’s physical condition or mental health condition. 

Although it is similar in some ways, they are both different due to how the applications have been used. For example, A typical yoga class will have several participants, all of whom will be performing the same poses to a predetermined piece of calming music while receiving gentle instruction from the yoga teacher. However, yoga therapy usually focuses on the individual, and the yoga therapist will lead them with specially created movements, keeping in mind their particular needs and health concerns.

Hence, yoga focuses more on using various breathing techniques and poses which would result in the body being more relaxed and stress-free, while yoga therapy uses the practices used in yoga to help and improve a person’s overall well-being. 

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