Why Physiotherapy?

Why Physiotherapy?

Did you know that lower back pain is the most common pain experienced by people at different stages of life? It can be caused by many different reasons and its considered one of the leading causes to see a physiotherapist. Some common causes/or backaches are: poor posture, muscular pain, joint and ligament strain, disc problem and occupational.


The Role of the Physiotherapist


Based on their assessment and other diagnostic measures, your physiotherapist
chooses any one of the following therapies or a combination of them:

  • Physiotherapy with therapeutic modalities
  • Physiotherapy with manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy with exercises
  • Physiotherapy with dry needling and intra muscular stimulation


Physiotherapy with Therapeutic Modalities


Your physiotherapist may choose to use electrical modalities when you are experiencing pain and are unable to move a certain part of your body because of it. Treatment with therapeutic modalities helps in relieving pain, improving circulation, reducing swelling and muscle spasm and they also help in delivering medication in conjunction with other procedures. Typical types of modalities used for low back pain include: heat, ice, ultrasound, interferential therapy, Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation and mechanical traction.