Introduction to Home exercises- Post #1



Long gone are those days when doctors prescribe prolonged period of rests for the management of such pain problems like back aches joint aches. Active care and early return to job are gaining momentum, thanks to the job-demands of an individual, and the development of this exercise science.

It is always better to completely explore the base-level treatment strategies in order to prevent costly treatment options like surgeries and even costlier “Sickness absenteeism”

Unfortunately people ignore or overlook the medical advice in case of first occurrence of a joint problem. they eventually land up in recurrences, which again will be left without proper treatment, leading to further complications.

finally their body pulls them to a stage where they either have to stay away from job or to undergo expensive surgical procedures. Researches have shown that exercise can impart a preventive benefit and skill training and ergonomic advices can reduce future injuries.

Properly administered early active intervention may decrease sick leave and prevent chronic problems then saving considerable resources. Prolonged rest and passive physical therapy modalities should be replaced with active rehabilitation and early restoration of functions.

Best model of treatment should blend passive and active care in rehabilitation, such a model will usually include
1) Decreasing inflammation through rest and modalities
2)Increased mobility/flexibility, joint mobilization/adjustment, muscle relaxation /stretch. this is done through manual therapy and assisted exercises.

the following are through proper exercise programs
3) Improve coordination, strength, endurance, muscle facilitation, functional exercise training
4) Proprio-sensory training
5) Cardio vascular training
6) Postural reduction.

Our doctors have realized it much earlier and starting advising regular exercise programs for their patients, since proper guidance is bit far from reach from.

Rehabilitation is a community responsible where the physician, physiotherapist, the patient and patients family and the society all should keep up their responsibility in order to reduce the burden of disability on the community as a goal.

the doctor or physician should refer the patients to a physiotherapist at an Appropriate time , a Physiotherapist instead of doing a passive physical treatment should utilize skills such as Manipulative therapy for an early relief from symptoms.

the following blog posts will give a clear account of various exercise commonly thought it in the treating the treatment of different joint problems.

Disclaimer : But its always better to get medical advice before starting on any exercise program.