Post #2 Physiotherapy Exercises – Scientific background

The scientific fundamentals are very important not only to the clinicians, but also for every patient who is suffering from such pain problems. After several experiments on such patients, our scientists have found that there is one important cause behind several musculoskeletal problems, apart from usual reasons of the injury and wear and tear.

The knowledge and applications of this factor have produced a revolution in the treatment and rehabilitation of arthritis and spondylitis patients. So, it naturally becomes important for the patient also do understand this theoretical basis. this can help them in two ways

1.) That in the course of disease progression in their body, they can find ways to prevent further progression and can identify the means to reverse the damage has already happened

2.) Division can understand the theoretical backgrounds of designing exercise programs for their problems. This will lead to better patient co-operation, resulting in better outcomes as patient understanding of the design is the key to success of such exercise programs.

The main difference between man and other mammals/animals lies in his straight upright posture. This is the Gift of God to the man for his majestic personality.

There are several muscles in our body whose contributions alone maintain the upright posture of the Man. These muscles are commonly called as Antigravity muscles as they hold the body upright against the gravity.

Anti-gravity muscles

Once we get up on our feet and start working, all these anti-gravity muscles comes into action. As we keep walking, these muscles work hard and get toned up. This implies that just walking instead of just renting all these important muscles. But, that does not happen always. Why ?

You could see many patients telling,  “Dr., I walk a lot and keep myself active always. Still my tummy does not reduce. My butts and thighs never in proper shapes. I don’t know what goes wrong ?”

Some others, “As soon as I was diagnosed with arthritis, my doctor advised me to walk. I started at once. but I find no relief and it only increased my leg pain constant back pain, and I was forced to stop going for walking…”

These are the common scenarios in our daily practice. There are even other patients who start with some forms of exercises such as gym or yoga and are forced to stop abruptly because of development of aches and pains in the body.

What’s the problem ? How to overcome it ??